Diamondback Baseball

2018 Season

Single ticket $119

Party of 2or3 $109each

4 & more $99each

Price includes Transportation to and from

Select Home Games plus your Ticket in the


***As supplies last then you will be upgraded to Baseline reserve***

Trips are subject to cancellation due to low ticket sales.

Call us to reserve your seats in-advance.


Put a group together and we will

make a package deal for You!

Dates are as follows

May 12 Nationals

June 13 Pirates

June 30 Giants

July 7 Padres

July 21 Rockies

Aug 4 Giants

Aug 8 Phillies

Sept 8 Braves

Sept 22 Rockies

Sept 19 Cubs

Sept 26 Dodgers

Save Money

Ride with us!

Connecting Yuma to Phoenix Airports

Please check your personal items before leaving the shuttle.

1st Class Shuttle is NOT responsible for lost, stolen or

misplaced personal property.

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